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NNWA, Inc can provide any level of assistance from a preliminary report, system design, permitting, installation, system startups, operations and maintenance, etc. 

Design Assistance

When Providing design assistance, NNWA, Inc, matchs products and technology to address wastewater treatment problems and goals. The strategy starts with defining design criteria, such as flow rates, water use practices and wastewater characteristics, such as treatment efficiencies and discharge limits. 

NNWA, Inc. works with qualified installers on each system, coordinating equipment to meet the construction schedule. As an Operator, NNWA will perform site visits in order to understand placement of system components, as well as assisting with the engineer, making recommendations to optimize the entire treatment process.

Operation and Technical Support

After full system installation, NNWA will perform start-up procedures to ensure the equipment is properly installed and operating. Operation and maintenance assistance ranges from simply providing technical support for the system operator, to providing system monitoring. As a Class 3 Wastewater Operator, NNWA can handle full operation of the systems it designs and installs. WW Class 2 # 009901

Municipal Services
NNWA, Inc, knows that, one of the issues, with growth in a city, is dealing with wastewater treatment and infrastructure. Along with this is the question of, "how to pay for this wastewater treatment and infrastructure"? NNWA, has designed ways with which it can work with cities in a manor that helps the city with financing and operations of systems, which it designs. Contact us to learn more about this and how we can assist your city, helping you to grow. 
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