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NNWA, Inc. is an expanding wastewater solution provider and distribution company. Its strategy is to serve a niche market in the wastewater industry. Helping with the growing need for onsite wastewater by providing products and services, along with engineering and design for any and all items used in the onsite wastewater business. There are many untapped potential markets within this industry that can be filled with high-quality, low cost goods, that will cater to the home owner, installer, service providers etc.

NNWA is a privately-held American, S Corporation. Products are purchased domestically. Sales and marketing focuses are in the United States. 

Ownership of NNWA, Inc., based in Lowell, Arkansas, is Michael Whitehead, President of NNWA, Inc. and Annie Whitehead, Accounting and Administration.
 Items are initially sold to homeowners, installers, service providers, cities, etc.


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