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Bethel Heights Wastewater Plant: City of Bethel Heights, Arkansas
400+ homes in a small community, services by STEP collection with 2 / 90,000 gallon per day treatment plants. System in operated by Zack Williams. 
Status; On Going

Sunrise Cove: Rogers, Arkansas / Beaver Lake / Arkansas
A high end subdivision, using STEP Collection and Sand Filters for treatment.
Status: On Going

Cotswold Village: Rogers, Arkansas / Beaver Lake
26 acres with 33 condo sites. Each site is designed for an individual ATU (Advance Treatment Unit). Operations are with NNWA, Inc
Status; On Going  

Weatherton Subdivision, City of Lowell, STEP tank install and support.

Tuscany Subdivision, City of Lowell, STEP tank install and support.

Meadowlands Subdivision, City of Lowell, STEP tank install and support.

Hyde Park, City of Cave Springs, STEP Tank install and support.

Valley View Golf Course, Farmington Arkansas. Gravity sewer which goes to an aeriation pond. Once at capacity to treatment plant will treat and disinfect the influent and use it for irrigation on the golf course. 
Status; On Going

Cassava Processing Plant; Kwara State, Nigeria. It will be the worlds largest cassava processing plant. The collection system is designed to be STEP/STEG, The Treatment will be a MBR package treatment plant. Phase 1, due to begin in spring of 2012, will treat 220,000 gallons per day, phase 2 will double the treatment capacity. NNWA will also carry the Operation and Maintenance contract for this project which will be a 20 year contract. 
Status: New Project

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