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NNWA, Inc. is a onsite wastewater company that sales parts and services in the United States - initially in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, and Texas. NNWA is expanding into a global market place to expand and become a global company. The company focuses on its image as a quality onsite wastewater parts and services provider. 

Keys to Success

To succeed NNWA must:

  • Build and sell high quality products.
  • Achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Build brand image and brand equity through marketing.


Nealey of Northwest Arkansas, to be described as NNWA, Inc has been in business for seven years. The current owner, Michael Whitehead, bought the business Nealey Inc, in April of 2005. Nealey Inc was located in Vilonia, Arkansas, and was moved to Springdale, Arkansas at the time of its purchase. NNWA is a wastewater solutions company, providing products and services to Homeowners, Installers, Developers, Municipalities, etc.

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